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Sprinkler Control in Regina, SK

You need to water your lawn to keep your grass looking lush, green, and healthy, but sometimes it can seem like a real hassle to get out there and turn your sprinkler system on and off. This can end up messing up the schedule of your watering, which can lead to a damaged landscape and even a higher water bill. There has to be a solution to getting your lawn watered without the hassle, right?

You are in luck! S&T Property Maintenance provides sprinkler control in Regina, SK, so you can water your lawn without worrying about being wasteful. Looking for additional lawncare services? Our talented team is capable of performing all of the upgrades and work necessary to help you create and maintain the landscape you have always wanted to have for your home or business.

Cut Your Water Bill with Our Sprinkler Control System

By having our sprinkler control system installed, you will be able to make sure it gets the right amount of irrigation at the right time. Our automatic system allows you to schedule lawn watering for anywhere between 15 minutes up to an hour, all done from a wireless controller anywhere in your home. This makes it simple for you to perfectly water your lawn each and every time without any hassle or unnecessary waste.

Enjoy easy access, as well as savings, that come with watering your lawn exactly as much as it needs. Since each system automatically shuts off when programmed to do so, there’s no need to worry about overwatering and the extra expense that comes with it. Interested in receiving a discount on the installation? Then speak to one of our helpful sprinkler specialists about how we can help you save even more money when you buy your control system from us.

Contact us to learn how our sprinkler control system can make caring for your yard even easier. Our team looks forward to installing these state-of-the-art systems into lawns located throughout the Regina, Saskatchewan, area.